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Verger Hemmingford is the creative innovative cider house, deeply rooted in the local terroir of Quebec and its contemporary life.

It’s a story that continues; that of a pioneering and resilient couple who, after more than 20 years, want to continue their mission and produce the finest of Quebec’s culture… as an apple in a bottle!

Verger Hemmingford cidery is a place steeped in history; it is the birthplace of ice cider in the world. François Pouliot, the founder, settled on the orchard in 1994. Passionately, even stubbornly, he collaborated on the development of a unique and authentic know-how with which Quebec now shines internationally.

Located 45 minutes south of Montreal, in the Montérégie, our cidery, Verger Hemmingford (known before as La Face Cachée de la Pomme and Domaine Neige), is a terroir where apples abound amid the cold temperatures of

Verger Hemmingford is the continuation of an old story that is now working on a new basis with the making of new ciders and new alcohols: ciders that bring the apple to its peak. Cheers!


This is where our idea comes from

In 1994, the founder, François Pouliot acquired a stone house dating from 1842. This heritage property is surrounded by an old orchard in Hemmingford. As a young producer of film and video clips, François initially wanted to continue his work in the city while exploiting, just for fun, his agricultural land. Initially, he wanted to produce wine …

But in collaboration with Christian Barthomeuf, the inventor of the ice cider recipe, François participated in the making and development of the first recognized techniques for producing ice cider in Quebec and around the world.

A visual artist, Stéphanie Beaudoin met François in Montreal in 1998, falls under the spell of the man… and … his cider! Soon, the couple abandons the milieu artistique to devote themselves entirely to the new cidery: making art and culture differently!

Located in the heart of the Montérégie, the new estate buildings are an example of architecture that harmonizes with the landscape. In 2001, the couple begins the first phase of construction work. With the help of the architect Giovanni Diodati, they realize their vision of a modern productive terroir.

The ciders of François and Stéphanie have always stood out because, beyond the know-how and the local character, they embody in their production and their exceptional taste, a 100% cosmopolitan lifestyle.


VERGER HEMMINGFORD is the birthplace of ice cider in the world

Inspired by the production of ice-wines and the unique climate of Quebec, ice cider is the exclusive product from the Quebec terroir. Extremely cold winter temperatures are required to obtain the concentration of sugars that are essential to the production of ice-cider.

François Pouliot collaborated to develop the two processes now recognized by a reserved appelation: the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for Quebec Ice Cider: cryoconcentration (juice freezes outside) and cryoextraction (the apple freezes while on the tree). In both cases, the concentration of sugars in the apples must be produced only by the natural cold of the winter.



Thanks to its founders, Verger Hemmingford already has an exceptional reputation in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. The estate has won more than 150 awards and distinctions for its ciders. People talk about them since 1998!

diaporama de presse

Since 1998

Les Pieds dans les Plats

Daniel Pinard, Télé-Québec, 2000


Andrea Immer, 2004

Cultivé et bien élevé

Télé-Québec, 2005


Radio-Canada, 2002

Montréal ce soir

Raymond St-Pierre, Radio-Canada, 2003




LE CIDRE Verger Hemmingford
A crackling cider in a can

LE CIDRE Verger Hemmingford is a ready-to-drink cider. Well made, sparkling and above all, ultra-refreshing, lively and light in the mouth, it is consumed alone or with a meal. It is made exclusively from Quebec McInstosh apples. Our fruit is all hand-picked. From freshly squeezed juice, it is then prepared and packaged on site. As a vegan production, it is naturally gluten-free.

355 ml / 473 ml, 5% alc./vol.

It will be available in Quebec at the SAQ, convenience stores and selected grocery stores. Expected release is in the fall of 2018.

LE CIDRE TRANQUILLE Verger Hemmingford
A spring cider

During the warmer weather of later winter, we harvest the sugars that are still trapped in the ice blocks from the production of ice cider to make this time, a vinified dry cider. This still cider is comparable to a good white wine. Fruity, lively and fresh, and from vegan production, LE CIDRE TRANQUILLE is also naturally gluten free.

750 ml, 12% alc./vol.

LE CIDRE MOUSSEUX Verger Hemmingford
A Festive cider

Here we have a semi-dry cider made from fresh apples hand-picked. It is produced following the Traditional Method “champenoise” (second fermentation in bottle). This festive cider is dosed with Verger Hemmingford ice cider, making it a wholly unique product. It offers a delicate balance between sugar and acidity. The whole is limpid. Its tiny bubble pleasure persists in the mouth. Ideal for any occasion, from vegan production, Le CIDRE MOUSSEUX is again, naturally gluten-free.

750 ml, 7.5% alc./vol

LE CIDRE DE GLACE Verger Hemmingford, Autumn Harvest
80 apples in each bottle!

Produced since 1994, LE CIDRE DE GLACE is produced on the property of Verger Hemmingford. It was the first ice cider to be marketed in Quebec and around the world. In the fall, apples are hand-picked very ripe and kept cool until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruit is pressed. This juice is placed outside to freeze in the cold weather of Quebec’s January. By crystallizing, the water in the juice separates from the sugars. This is called natural cryoconcentration. After a few days of intense cold, the concentrated must, representing a quarter of the initial amount of juice, is collected by gravity. This nectar is then placed in stainless steel tanks, where it ferments for at least 6 months at low temperature, before finally being bottled. The attack of the cider in the mouth is tasty and mellow, persistent and tense. It is a fiesta of balance between sugar and acidity. You must try it with a cheese platter. From a vegan production, LE CIDRE DE GLACE is also naturally gluten free.

375 ml, 12% alc./vol.

LE CIDRE DE GLACE Verger Hemmingford, Winter Harvest
A dessert in itself!

LE CIDRE DE GLACE “Winter Harvest” is truly exceptional. It is only produced from varieties of apples that do not fall off the trees in the fall. Hand-picked between December and January, when the temperature is around -15 °C, the fruit still hanging on the trees is dehydrated by the sun and literally cooked by the cold and the wind. Sugars are concentrated in the fruit this time, through natural cryoextraction. Frozen apples are then pressed to extract the precious nectar. The extracted must is then placed in stainless steel tanks where it ferments for a period of approximately eight months, at low temperatures, before being bottled. Each vintage is unique. We often find notes of exotic fruits and candy. It’s a dessert in itself! The “Winter Harvest” ice cider is wonderful with foie gras or a cheese platter. From a vegan production, LE CIDRE DE GLACE is naturally gluten free.

375 ml, 12% alc./vol.

LE GIN DE POMME Verger Hemmingford
An exceptional spirit

LE GIN DE POMME is made in small batches, on location, at the Verger Hemmingford cidery. It is a unique spirit because it comes from an assemblage made with apple water recovered from the production of our ice cider. In the end, this flavoured gin reveals a refined and unique taste thanks to a selection of Quebec wild herbs that we infused and then distilled: juniper berries, melilot, white spruce and lichen. Made from a vegan production, this apple gin is also gluten free.

500 ml, 43% alc./vol.


At the cidery and elsewhere in Quebec.
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